MongoDB Limits and Thresholds

THis record gives a collection          today my telenor app quiz        of hard and soft barriers of the MongoDB machine.

BSON Documents
BSON Document Size
The maximum BSON file length is sixteen megabytes.

The maximum report size facilitates make certain that a single report can not use immoderate amount of RAM or, at some point of transmission, immoderate quantity of bandwidth. To shop documents larger than the maximum size, MongoDB affords the GridFS API. See mongofiles and the documentation to your motive force for extra records about GridFS.

Nested Depth for BSON Documents
MongoDB supports no extra than one hundred stages of nesting for BSON files.

Naming Restrictions
Database Name Case Sensitivity
Since database names are case insensitive in MongoDB, database names cannot fluctuate simplest via the case of the characters.

Restrictions on Database Names for Windows
For MongoDB deployments running on Windows, database names can’t comprise any of the following characters:

/. “$*<>:cannot include the null individual.

Restrictions on Database Names for Unix and Linux Systems
For MongoDB deployments jogging on Unix and Linux systems, database names cannot incorporate any of the subsequent characters:

/. “$

Also database names can not comprise the null man or woman.

Length of Database Names
Database names can’t be empty and have to have fewer than sixty four characters.

Restriction on Collection Names
Collection names have to begin with an underscore or a letter man or woman, and can not:

include the $.
Be an empty string (e.G. “”).
Contain the null individual.
Begin with the device. Prefix. (Reserved for inner use.)
If your series name includes unique characters, together with the underscore individual, or begins with numbers, then to get admission to the collection use the db.GetCollection() method in mongosh or a comparable approach for your driver.

Namespace Length:

For featureCompatibilityVersion set to “four.4” or extra, MongoDB raises the restriction on collection/view namespace to 255 bytes. For a group or a view, the namespace consists of the database name, the dot (.) separator, and the collection/view call (e.G. <database>.<collection>),
For featureCompatibilityVersion set to “4.2” or in advance, the most period of the collection/view namespace stays 120 bytes.
Restrictions on Field Names
Field names can not incorporate the null man or woman.
The server permits garage of subject names that include dots (.) and dollar signs ($).
MongodB five.Zero provides stepped forward help for the usage of ($) and (.) in subject names. There are some regulations. See Field Name Considerations for greater info.
Restrictions on _id
The subject call _id is reserved to be used as a number one key; its cost have to be precise within the collection, is immutable, and may be of any type other than an array. If the _id consists of subfields, the subfield names cannot start with a ($) image.

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